Cinema Novo is what happens when a band tries to make a movie...or, when filmmakers start a band.

Atlanta-based Cinema Novo finds their home blending progressive punk, world rhythms, math rock, and psychedelic ambience to form an intricate sonic mutiny. Then, they bring their music to life through film. The result is an audio-visual fusion of group's wildly ranging influences into a single common vision.

Moving pictures and music are inextricably tied, with every scene connected to a musical moment in time, every sound connected to its visual counterpart. The band’s name is borrowed from the 1960s Brazilian film movement of the same name, which inspires the group to create scenes using sound, do more with less, and craft the soundtracks to the stories they want to see told - a set of moving mental pictures redrawn with every live performance.

The group's current project, Seven Headed Lion, is a musical film series connecting modern social conflict with the ancient mythology of 7 different cultures from around the world.

Vocals / Haseena Peera
Guitar / Christopher Richardson
Bass / Matthew Klem
Drums / Shawn Moeckly

"Cinema Novo lifts you from the plane of reality and transports you to their world."

"Cinema Novo knows how to reduce their fans’ brains to the grey goo of rock awe. Their sound is rampaging rock that prowls the vast borders of psychedelic ambiance poised to strike and claim another shredding distorted, echoing chord when it shows itself; but bides its time by rolling forward with a rock swagger that is as appealing as it is fierce."

-Nanobot Rock

"The blurred vision, the stumbling and groping about, the brief flashes of clarity, the feelings of elation followed by crippling nausea — it’s all there in graphic detail accompanied by Cinema Novo’s thrilling, white-knuckle soundtrack."

-Immersive Atlanta

"Cinema Novo represents a fresh new voice in modern punk [and] progressive rock and presents a strong message that’s aggressive, upbeat, and highly melodic...Each piece is real — and very defiant in nature."

-Rock n’ Roll View
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